05 marzo 2009

Pikmin Link Interview

The Great Crossplayer

Hello everybody, today Bocaraca team, is pleased to bring you an interview with a nice crossplayer. Pikmin link very few know, but we know that we know that one of his best works is the link of Cosplay. It's almost like seeing a link in the flesh. Thanks to the Pikmin by Linda Grant is a pleasure to interview. I hope you enjoy the interview and a package of images for all lovers of good cosplayers

What inspired you to do Cosplay?

I began cosplaying in 1998 when I made my first costume, Link from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. When I was younger I would dress up as Link for halloween or just to play around because I was really into the Zelda games, but I got interested in costume making at a very young age and I wanted to learn to sew and make them for myself.

What has been the most difficult thing you've done with your Cosplay?

Many parts of a costume can be difficult, but I think what takes the cake in that would be the actual planning instead of the actual contruction. Before I start to build a costume, I sit and plan for days. I gather my references, and everything else possible I can find to make this costume as accurate as possible. The costume I am currently working on which I will be debuting soon is full of small intricate details that I seriously brainstormed for hours on how I would go about creating it in real life. Once that was figured out, it was time to make it. Sometimes I will run into obstacles that will require me to change the idea around. But after that, the costume creation becomes a time consuming project.

What do you feel when you use the Cosplay Link?

First of all, Link is my favorite character so being able to protray him is a huge joy for me. I really put my all into the image I create. I don't want to simply look like a cosplayer in a Link costume, no I want to give off the image that it is really Link himself. I study him alot, his actions, his movements, his expressions, his reactions. When I perform as Link I want to embody Link. It just a lot of fun!

How old do you decide to take this Cosplay?

In my opinion, honestly no one is ever too old to cosplay. Ill keep doing it until I get tired of it. At the moment I have slowed down a lot but that is because my life just got a lot more busy than it was before, but that's ok. I do have costumes planned, it will all just have to be small steps at a time and work on them during my free time.

What do you feel about being next to the teacher and father creator of link?

I loved it, I was a dream come true. I literally had dreams of meeting Miyamoto many times before, but to finally meet him was a huge honor. I just had to let him know how much his series is loved, and it was a huge honor to know that he liked my work and looked forward to seeing more.

Do you currently are your goals for the future. Plan to keep doing Cosplay?

There are many costumes I still would love to make, but based on my schedule, it will take me a little bit longer to pull them out.

Have you thought to be a model?

Model, no. Actor, yes. But after doing cosplay, I have been looking into doing modeling for photos. I have already done a few paid costume modeling work, but I would love to do some out of cosplay work too. Soon hopefully.

Have you submitted outside the USA? How was that experience? Would you like to?

I have gone to both Canada and Mexico cons, and the experience was great! I loved it and would love to go again and travel to other places as well. The conventions are so different there and it really shows things that Id wish we had here at our conventions.

What has been the best and worst experience as Cosplay?

My best cosplay experience would probably be meeting Shigeru Miyamoto, Koji Kondo, and Eiji Aonuma. My worst experience would be getting glomped by 3 girls at a time. It was in 2004, and I got tackle glomped while wearing Link and during that time I heard a crack sound. I honestly thought something on my costume broke. They didn't really seem to realize and just were in the hyper fangirl mode. Glomping is never something that I liked. Ive heard horror stories when it comes to glomping.

What has been the most unusual or strange picture that you have asked?

I always got asked to do kissing photos with someone, or grab a girls chest or something along those lines. Some people really like their yaoi, or really seem to be infatuated with the characters I wore. I don't mind what people do, but some requests can be way weird.

Do us a bit of your project "Tenimyusa"?

As far as I know, Tenimyusa is dead. It was a lot of fun while it was still on, but I guess everyone moved on.

What do you like more wine, beer, sake or tequila?

I havent tried tequila so I cant comment about that one, but so far I think I like sake better out of what I've tried. Though I don't drink, it had an interesting taste.

What other Cosplay have you done?

I have done many characters from various Nintendo games, other videogames, movies, and anime. But I still have lots planned.

What is your motivation in the life?

Im working on to becoming a 3D animator. I currently study it at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Your family supports you and a friend in Cosplay?

My family doesn't mind what I do, and they actually got interested in attending conventions too. Now they cover them on Consplayers.com.

What was your last Cosplay and your college career can help you better your Cosplay?

My career wont really help me in cosplay, because its all work on the computer. My last cosplay however was C.C from Code Geass. Going from cosplaying male characters to a hot female character was a challenge..I hope I pulled it off XD

You and the princess zelda continued to make roads together or separated Cosplay?

No we don't. When she accepted credit for the work I did, I went back to working solo.

Do you feel an idol of Cosplay states in the USA?

Honestly, no. I know I'm popular amongst people, but honestly I just enjoy having fun. When I go to a con, I just feel like another con attendee.

Have you known to other famous cosplayers in the middle? Have you worked with them?

I have done some costumes with other cosplayers, yes. Most of them just live really far from me so I don't have much chance to cosplay with them unless we make plans ahead of time.

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Argen dijo...

hey miss pikmin, if you read this(actually i dont think you do but anyway...) i want to tell you that you are really very skilled in this thing, im not really in the Cosplay stuff, but your work is oustanding, hope to see more of you, and blesings from costa rica

and... hmm, nice post Drakon ;) was a really nice interview

Bocaraca Team dijo...

Thanks argen for your comment.
Pikmin link is the great crossplay for me.


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