15 marzo 2009

NadiaSK Interview

Nadiask, one of the best italian cosplayers!

How beginners in the world of Cosplay?

I have always been thrilled of manga and videogame and I started doing cosplay in November 2002 with Yuna Summoner from Final Fantasy X, but before I did some costume as Sailor Moon for Masquerade. After 2 years I've started to go to the Convention always in cosplay! I have a website

What do you prefer modeling or Cosplay?

I love both. Making a cosplay, with everything that concerns them, starting from design, with research on the character of information, research materials and fabrics and bring it to life is what I like and I am very excited, but also I like photoset creating because it makes me feel creative

What has been the most difficult costume to make?

Many of my costume are been difficult to make as Shiva from Final Fantasy X, Ultima from Final Fantasy XII.. but most difficult was Queen Esther from Trinity Blood. It's full of bit particular. The cloth is very special and I've spent months to find perfect as I want and then I've sew every single red strass on. In this costume, there are more than 40 meters of pearls, strung one by one. Each embroidery was done by me with my sewing machine.

Your family, friends and boyfriend have always supported you?

Sure, my friends love manga and anime world and they always support me during my carrier as cosplayer. Also my family help me. My mother is an artist, so often she gives me some advice with new materials to use.

How is your relationship Cosplay with others from Italy or the World?

Thanks to cosplay I have known some of my greatest friends. It's beautiful share the same passions and help each other.
Through the Internet and the WCS I have know many foreigners cosplayer with which I began a beautiful friendship.

How was your experience outside Italy as Cosplay?

Thanks to WCS I was in Japan to represent my country, Italy. Japan is the birthplace of cosplay. There are many shops devoted to this hobby and they are very precise in their costumes. I was also in France at a convention and I have enjoyed very much. This year in early February I will host the TNT17 in Mexico and throughout the year I will be guest in Korea and some European conventions.
I am very happy because thanks to these calls I can visit new countries. It's very interesting to see how the same passion is lived differently in each country.

What do you feel about this in the WCS and that meant being elected to represent Italy?

It was a very great emotion!
The morning later I was still a little incredulous! Be able to get back to Japan as representative of my country is a wonderful thing! I think be very beautiful take part in an event where there will be other foreign cosplayer! I was very happy. The cosplayer Italian cheer for me and I was very excited.
This gave me a strong emotional charge and responsibility, proud of this I've gave the 150% of me in all of the wcs costumes that i've made.

What do you think of the Latin American Cosplay?

I'm very happy to go in Mexico as guest 'cause I am very curious to know new Latin American cosplayers. I consider them very good. I think they are very precise in costumes and the cosplay is widespread. I have many fans in South America often write to me and I am very happy to know them and talk with them. I hope to visit also the other latin country thanks the cosplay, also Costa Rica!!!!

What is the formula for success NadiaSK?

I've read somewhere "a goal is a dream in action" I do not know if there is a precise formula. I know only that I always put all myself in everything I do, both in life and in cosplay.
Without ever stop obstacles, but always trying to overcome myself.

What are the virtues most important NadiaSK?

The creativity, tenacity, patience, ability to dream, precision, to be able to smile even before the trouble. I like to be able to help others.

Who or motivates NadiaSK to go ahead with their projects?

The desire to improve.
It's thanks to my character that I succeed in things that I do and also thanks to my friends who are always close to me and always believe in me.

What person, as you define?

A dreamer who tries to make his dreams reality. I'm very creative. I think to be a tenacious and courageous person who puts passion into everything it does.
I think also being a very kind and ready to help others.
My friends define me a very cheerful girl, sweety and sunny. I am really tough. I'm really picky and if I don't find something particularly interesting I get bored very soon And when I can, I like that people cuddle me, as every woman ;)

How do you like men?

I'd like to marry an alien or an expert :-P I like to have with me a man who is gentle and strong at the same time. He would love to know new cultures and travel and that he is handsome.
Man of my dreams is dark brown, tall and with beautiful eyes and nice smile.

What searches for man to be your partner?

The man of my dreams never is a person you fall in love with. I don't know exactly what to look for in a guy. I think that when you share interests and passions it's easy to get along well and be happy

What's your favorite body part?

The eyes, I think that they are the mirror of soul.

What part of your body more sexy?

Maybe the bottom...But you should tell me!

What is the first thing you look at a man?

The first thing I look at a man is the attitudes: the style, as it moves... Then shortly after I watch the eyes and also the bottom :-P

What do you like better as chocolates or flowers?

Chocolates, so we can eat together.
But I love most a message, so I can keep it.

What's your favorite flower?

camellia and cherry

Do you like Japanese food? What is your favorite?

I love japanese food! I like sushi, tempura, ramen, and curry rice!

Have you ever dreamed of working with some movie star? What would such a star?

I'd like work with Hayden Christensen, I like him very much.
I'd like work with some important movie maker as Sofia Coppola, Quentin Tarantino, JJ Abrams (I love Lost)

What has been the most odd that you spent as Cosplay?

I spent many time to do my cosplay. The thing more odd maybe was the Shiva wig. I've bought hydraulic tube to be coated with the wig

What has been the most curious or strange picture that you have asked?

Some fans asked me some very sexy pictures or pictures about me in some particular cosplay during my normal life (A Sailor Venus making coffee for example). During the conventions mostly ask me "NadiaSK pose"

thanks NadiaSk for Interview XOXO.
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