26 abril 2009

Interview of Beth Hodgson

Designer and cosplayer

Nickname: Kaolinite
Real Name: Beth
Sex: F
Country and state of origin: USA - CA
Age: 28
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Chinese zodiac sign: Monkey
Eye color: Light Blue
Weight: 125 lb
Height: 5' 4''
Pets: Ginuea pig
Marital Status: Married
Flower: (my favorite) violets
Non-alcoholic beverage: caffeine-free pepsi
Alcoholic beverage: midori sours
Color: purple
Favorite movie: harry potter (any), the count of monte cristo
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy VI
Favorite Books: Memoirs of a Geisha
Favorite Anime: Urusei Yatsura, Wolf's Rain, Full Metal Alchemist
Favorite Manga: X1999
Web site: www.kaolinitedreams.com

What inspires you to do cosplay?

Watching Anime - it makes me want to be the characters.

What has been your biggest challenge as a cosplay?

My Ultima cosplay; the wings were so huge. It was hard getting them balanced on my back.

What was more difficult than the picture you have asked the fans?

Well, a fan asked me to do a hand sign that was very complicated for a picture. Maybe it was a gang sign? I don't know.

Who inspires you to move forward?

Yaya Han. When I look at her website it makes me aspire to be a better cosplayer.

Do you dream of being recognized anywhere in the world?

Yes. I would love to come to Mexico and to be recognized there. I would also love to be a part of the World Cosplay Summit in Japan.

At this time cosplay as what has been the best and worst experience you've had?

The best experience was when I cosplayed Shiva. Everyone was super excited about my cosplay and loved the character. The worst experience was Ultima. My photoshoots didn't go so well since it was so windy and the masquerade show was disorganized.

Do you like Japanese food? What is your favorite?

I love Japanese food, especailly Hiyashi!

Already cosplay as, what you think is the greatest challenge to go out on?

Making large props are how they will be built.

Does your work interfere or help in your cosplays?

Well, my work helps me financially to make my cosplays, but interferes because I don't get a lot of time to work on them.

Do you currently think that the economic crisis affects the quality and quantity of cosplayers in the world.

Yes it does. First of all, people that lost their job have no money for anything - especially cosplay. I think people also find a cheaper way to make things to if their financial budget is tight. But for the people who still have their job or didn't get a pay cut at their job, they are not affected at all when it comes to cosplay.

What is the minimum and maximum spend on your cosplays?
Between $80-$1000

In your start up where it is imagined today?

I've come a long way. I've become a better seamstress for sure. I never would have thought people would want to meet me for my cosplays!

¿Combines with cosplay modeling or some other area? What is most important to you?

The modeling is fun.

What do you think of the cosplayers in Japan and Latin America?

I think its great that the Japanese started the whole cosplay movement...they are so detailed with their costumes. When I first started to cosplay, I didn't realize that other parts of the world cosplay too. When I saw some Latin America cosplayers, I was amazed at the beauty of their costumes. I think its wonderful that cosplay is all over the world!

Do you have pets? What is your relationship with this?

I have a guinea pig.

In the event that you think is most important, the physical action or suit of cosplay?

I love making the costume so much, but when I wear the costume, I'm so proud of my accomplishment that I'm happy to wear it!

How did he influence your life in these last four years in the development of your cosplayers?

She didn't really influence my cosplays, but she did like to watch me work! lol!

Have you thought cosplay do with your pet?

Not really since she is small.

Your husband is supporting a project in your cosplay?

Yes, he loves to help out with all of my cosplays, especially the props. We like to build them together, that way we can spend time together too.

What is the most difficult job of having graphic, and wife to be cosplay?

Being a wife that loves to cosplay is difficult in some way since my husband loves to make the props with me. Some times we argue on how something should be constructed!

How much influence on your WOW cosplay, we see a lot of influence in Final Fantasy?

I love Final Fantasy since I grew up with it. I was like 7 or 8 years old when the first Final Fantasy came out. I love all the characters, so there is much to choose from. Also, since I play WOW so much, I have to cosplay it too!

Was it a challenge to create the layout of your website?

Yes, especially because I never built a website before. I've done graphic design, but not web design. My layout is very primitive, but I try hard to make it work.

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